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Air — Kanza Dekstop

Kanza Dekstop

mkeefeDESIGN was asked to develop a desktop application that students and trainers could use to teach the Kanza language,using games, tests and lessons to keep the material interesting.

The application was built using Adobe AIR to use the database and file features of the runtime. The game was built using Flash CS3, with a LocalConnection bridge to communicate back to the main application. The overall application was built using Adobe Flex 2 and 3. FlexUnit was utilized to quickly test the application and ensure it was solid in all portions. The final application was distributed via CD and networked installation.

Response from the client
Ho! Khe dazhi baashe?
[Hello! Are you all well?]

My name is Justin McBride, the Language Director for the Kaw Nation. We are a Native American tribe located in north central Oklahoma. For the past several years, we have been involved in a project to bring the tribe’s Kanza language lessons into the digital age. We coded a semester’s worth of language units in XML, made sound and image files corresponding to the words we covered, and designed a game to help reinforce the vocabulary. Then we turned our project over to a developer to realize our goals. That developer was Matthew Keefe of mkeefeDESIGN.

Matthew has a real knack for multimedia development. He is particularly skilled in using the Adobe AIR environment and its related technologies, including Flash and Shockwave. He has been able to translate our XML vision into AIR reality. This involved the development of a stand-alone user interface (graphic design by Organi Studios), multi-function lesson and lexicon browsers, and a user progress tracking system, as well as the successful transformation of our vocabulary game from conceptual algorithm into a fully media-integrated video game. Additionally, Matthew has been a very prompt and patient developer. Despite our tedious governmental service-procurement processes, complicated project needs, and even the fact that our offices are located a half a continent away from one another, he has made the whole enterprise enjoyable. In short, he definitely has the goods to deliver on a complex project, and has been a real pleasure to work with.

I would recommend Matthew Keefe of mkeefeDESIGN to anyone seeking a multimedia development solution—web-based or otherwise. If you would like to discuss this matter with me, please contact me using the information provided below. I would also invite you to check out the application for yourself at We are very proud of how it turned out. Wiblaha, Matt!

[Thank you,]

Justin McBride
Language Director
Kaw Nation



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