About: Matthew Keefe

New-media designer, developer, author and trainer with a strong background in application development for the web and offline platforms. Originally a full time Graphic Artist he found that much of the programming associated with his design work was being outsourced. Matt quickly learned programming for the web and uncovered a valuable, but little known skill set in this industry, that skill being, the ability to build a site, but also the ability to powerfully design it.

Matt has worked with companies/studios including Inverted Creative, Delphi, PhotoshopCafe, Kineticz Interactive, Organi Studios, EndYourSearch, Majon and Orcamedia.

Recently Matt authored the Flash and PHP bible. His work has been published in How To Wow with Flash for which he was a contributing author, and technical editor. Matt was also a technical editor for Essential ActionScript 3.

Matt holds an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) certification for Adobe Photoshop CS3 and works closely on new and upcoming technologies from Adobe and other technology companies.

Work History

Flash and PHP Bible

I have completed my first book, the Flash and PHP Bible which is in stores now!

The book can be found on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.

Latest Projects

Projects that have been recently completed.

Current "unfinished" Projects

Projects currently be worked.

Past Projects

Projects I have worked on in the past.



Adobe AIR Development

PhotoshopCafe Kiosk Kanza Desktop LCSharing

Flash Development

Interactive 3D Viewer Spot Jots Widget Space Chimps Widget Brooke Christl Phototography SKYFi3 Interactive Tour PhotoshopCD Video Player
Pioneer Inno Interactive Demo Organi Studios Portfolio Viewer XM411 Chapters Application XM Request a Song Application

Web Development

mkeefeDESIGN V3 - Simple Fireworks CS4 Learning Center Design Challenge 8: Peoples Choice App Wikoff Color Corp. Sicsound DJ Smooth
Xm411 Scriptplayground Design a Playing Card

Print Work (older)

Blood Risen Fly-in Poster Import Adventure Space Xtreme Dance Ghostmachine Logo

Retouch / Restoration (older)

Punk Retouch Family Heirloom Retouch Kids Portrait Retouch

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