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by mkeefe on Oct 12th, 2007

Review: Nikon Coolpix Digital Field Guide

The Nikon Coolpix Digital Field Guide is a wonderful companion for any Nikon Coolpix camera owner. In just a few minutes of reading I learned about settings on my camera that I didn’t even know existed. I liked the fact that in Chapter 1 the author compared various Coolpix cameras and I am sure others would think this could be annoying since you already own one. However I on the other hand found it nice to know what else was available. This book is so in depth the author even takes you through each screen and menu while explaining what they all do. This chapter alone proved to be more useful to me than the entire manual that came with the camera. Call me crazy, but being a photographer I prefer visual learning over long paragraphs of text.

No book about photography should be without a guide on composition and this book is no exception, the author explains the various rules you as the photographer should follow and adapt to. To me chapter 6 goes right along with the composition steps to include overall best practices of photography. Of course now that you have shot all these great photos it is safe to say you want them on your computer, well if that is the case than chapter 7 has all the information you need. The book ends off with a glossary of common photography terms that you will hear in various shooting locations.

Overall I have found this book to be very beneficial for not only Nikon Coolpix owners, but any photographers. You can take the concepts thoroughly explained within this book and adapt them to your own shooting habits, which in the end will make you a better photographer. I highly recommend this book and already have to my friends.

by mkeefe on Aug 6th, 2007

Canon EOS 30D Digital Field Guide

51gmqctnfdl_ss500_.jpgI recently picked up the Canon 30D Digital Field Guide to learn more about my camera that I have had for almost a year now.  This book was just what I needed, it quickly walks through the settings and features to get you up to speed. However once we have foundation locked down you are out in the field shooting photos and learning how to make them better. It also touched upon Composition, Lighting and other necessary photography topics that everyone should commit to second nature. If you are a 30D user like myself I highly recommend this book and if you like this site, get it here to help me out with server costs. :)

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