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As you may have read on PixelBit’s blog we recently launched an iPhone/iPad/Android game called Wrangler Rope Your Rewards. While this may have been the first game the PixelBit team developed it was not my personal first. Way back in the early days of AIR mobile I developed Happy Peg for Android using the iOS packager for Flash before it was initially banned by Apple. I was amazed how easy it was to port the web version to mobile in little over 8 hours which included graphics changes. Though it did irk me a bit the file-size was a whopping 8mb.

Not satisfied with this even today i’ve decided to rebuild it using native iOS Objective-c but with a twist. I’m not porting any of the existing code or graphics. I’m using this as a test to see how quick I can design, develop and even add some features to an extremely simple game. The reason behind this is out of pure boredom this weekend and taking a break from wedding planning.

I don’t expect it to be the next Draw Something nor would I really want it to as then i’d have to support and enhance it for all those users. I actually pride myself and my team in staying small, working on niche projects and building awesome results for some pretty amazing brands.

Oh and as a final twist i’ll be releasing the standard version on GitHub for the world to fork and build from. A simple *hat tip* is all I ask if you build something cool!

by mkeefe on Nov 29th, 2011

Intimate one-to-one messaging with Duet

Earlier today I noticed an update from a Mr. Dan Rubin about an app called Duet. I figured oh great, another mobile app I have no use for but I took a look and was hooked by the UI. Its almost silk like. I then downloaded the free app and took it for a spin.

I started by poking around the features though to get most you need to create a free account. However you can start to create a “Duet” whilst creating an account. I created one with my fiancĂ© as I thought messaging a random person would be fairly creepy. Especially with an app focusing on intimate/personal communication. Of course this app is not only for love meetings, it could honestly be used to meet up for a business talk, though i’m not sure why you’d need photos/video of that!

Right now Duet is still pretty new, but i’d like to see a few things modified. First one would be to use Facebook/Twitter for registration, I hate creating new accounts that I must remember passwords for. The second would be the ability to create a Duet as a guest using your device Id that you could update later on.

Duet is currently only available for iPhone though you’ll find a note mentioning additional platforms/devices are coming soon.

“Coming soon to other platforms and devices.”

Overall its a pretty neat concept and seeing as it was created by Crush+Lovely its no surprise the design is amazing.

Go download the app & start your own one-to-one connections.

As mentioned a few days ago I had the opportunity to speak at MiniMAX in Santa Monica last Wednesday evening. Well I have posted the slides (not sure how useful they are) and all of the source code from the talk. I have also posted the slide app (written in Flash) and slide controller (AIR/Android app) source code for you to learn from and use on your own.

Soon I will be posting tutorials on Scriptplayground covering AIR/Android and other Flash mobile topics, along with a full site rollout in the near future.

Enjoy, comment, share and most of all, happy coding!

No you aren’t living in the twilight zone, Apple has indeed lifted its 3.3.1 restriction. This of course is huge for the Flash community as we can now once again create mobile apps using the Flash for iPhone Packager that is included in Flash CS5.

Not only can you create apps, but existing apps have started to become approved as of today and even Adobe announced the news, ending with a note they will continue development.

So in the end Adobe comes up on top, and I still hate Apple for putting us through this, but glad its over… at least for now. Hopefully Apple will lift their baseless ban on Flash for mobile Safari.

The phrase “Hold it different” (loosely quoted) is probably burning in your ears if you follow the technology world. That is the phrase read in an email from none other than Steve Jobs in response to the iPhone 4 reception issues caused by human touch.

Well enough is enough, after numerous dropped calls and spotty reception I have decided to start something, maybe it will have an effect on the issue. Head on over to, leave your twitter username and share it with others to get some exposure on this issue with an otherwise awesome phone.

All told the site from registration to uploading took about 2 hours, I love how fast DNS propagates these days. Anyways, back to the point, go and sign the “petition”.

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