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by mkeefe on May 21st, 2010

The “Idiot Box” Just Got Smart

I am sure you are well aware Google announced everything but the kitchen sink at their latest Google IO conference. However i’m not sure enough emphasis was placed on one of their announcements.

That one being Google TV. No this isn’t Googles version of Apple TV but more an interactive experience that engages the user and makes the content come alive and no not in 3d!

Google TV is said to allow content like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix and deliver it to your TV with ease, just like in front of your computer. However unlike your computer developers will be able to build full apps to take advantage of this time the world spends in front of their TV.

One aspect of Google TV that catches my attention is the ability to build these Apps using Android, so in theory I could build a mobile and TV version of my app, sync the content and allow the whole family to interact. Imagine being able to let grandma keep tabs on her family, this is what WebTV was meant to be years ago.. Google just seems to be doing it right.