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As you may have read on PixelBit’s blog we recently launched an iPhone/iPad/Android game called Wrangler Rope Your Rewards. While this may have been the first game the PixelBit team developed it was not my personal first. Way back in the early days of AIR mobile I developed Happy Peg for Android using the iOS packager for Flash before it was initially banned by Apple. I was amazed how easy it was to port the web version to mobile in little over 8 hours which included graphics changes. Though it did irk me a bit the file-size was a whopping 8mb.

Not satisfied with this even today i’ve decided to rebuild it using native iOS Objective-c but with a twist. I’m not porting any of the existing code or graphics. I’m using this as a test to see how quick I can design, develop and even add some features to an extremely simple game. The reason behind this is out of pure boredom this weekend and taking a break from wedding planning.

I don’t expect it to be the next Draw Something nor would I really want it to as then i’d have to support and enhance it for all those users. I actually pride myself and my team in staying small, working on niche projects and building awesome results for some pretty amazing brands.

Oh and as a final twist i’ll be releasing the standard version on GitHub for the world to fork and build from. A simple *hat tip* is all I ask if you build something cool!

by mkeefe on Jan 3rd, 2011

A look back on 2010

Just as soon as it began 2010 is now in the history books. Let me take a moment to reflect on some notable things that took place in 2010, both professional and personal.

It technically began in 2009 but on New Years eve I went to a Dane Cook show with my now girlfriend and what a show it was.

Fast forward to February which included a vacation to the Caribbean with family and friends where I was unaware at the time I would be doing the majority of my photography for the year. Overall the cruise was a great start to the New Year! I highly recommend you go on one at least once in your life.

The majority of Spring I spent working on various freelance projects and with awesome teams around the world. One notable project I got the opportunity to work on in the Spring was an interactive training module for an oil company, though I can’t speak any specifics on that project I can say it was fun!

Towards the start of summer I was invited to a Red Sox game where i’m almost certain no one remembers the score, but thats how you know it was a great time. As summer marched on I took a small break to Florida to see family and friends for a few days but ended up working on a bunch of projects while there.. kind of typical in the life of a freelancer.

When I returned home in late July I started officially working as a Flash developer with Litl in Boston where I had the opportunity to work on awesome Flash projects for their Litl webbook and other upcoming hardware. This was also the first time I had responded to a cold call from a talent agent, but something about Aquent (their parent) struck me right. I am still enrolled with Aquent and highly recommend them to professionals looking for new work or a new career.

In the Fall I flew out to Vegas for the annual PhotoshopWorld and got to meet a bunch of great people, including some I had spoke with via email/chat for the last few years. Rather than flying back home from Vegas I decided to make a stop in Colorado and spent some time with friends roughing it in the woods and shooting guns, two hobbies of mine.

When I finally returned home from my Vegas/Colorado travels I only had a few short weeks before I was on a plane to attend Adobe MAX for the first time in my life. Looking back I can’t believe I waited so long but I certainly picked the right MAX to attend with all the goodies given away by Google, Motorola, Adobe and even Blackberry. While in LA I also got the opportunity to speak at a mini conference on the subject of Flash mobile, which was a great time and can’t wait to speak again.

After returning home from MAX I decided to work on a few personal goals and in doing so I got my motorcycle permit, took a class and ended up receiving my motorcycle license. I also obtained (after much hoop jumping) my LTC gun permit. Don’t be concerned though, I am not running off to join a motorcycle club/gang.. I just love guns and bikes.

On a strictly personal topic I also celebrated 6 months with my girlfriend, got to spend the holidays together and even celebrated the arrival of 2011 on the Boston waterfront with friends this past weekend.

I also took a 13 day vacation to where else? Florida! I imagine one day I will move there, I guess we’ll see.

In all 2010 was a great year, I progressed my business towards bigger and better projects, checked off personal achievements and got to travel around the country. This of course only means 2011 will be even bigger and I am not wasting any time either. In early 2011 I am launching a bunch of website applications, mobile apps/updates and opening a new company with my good friend Phil whose graphics work you have seen in much of my client work for many years now.

So there you have it, how was your 2010? Lets hear it.. and on to 2011 and all it has in store for us all.

The final day at Adobe MAX, or day 3 recap. This day started off with another quick breakfast in the community pavilion. I then headed up to the Adobe AIR for TV class which was just a taste of future AIR uses. I will try to post more about this in the future though I am bound by NDA for the most part!

Day 3 did not have a keynote, and was instead a full day of sessions and labs. You know the original reason I attended MAX :). The speakers at MAX are unique in their own way, but overall the information you walk away with more than justifies the cost of the conference. I know personally I got more out of MAX in one year than I have at the past 4 other conferences I attended.

Most of the attendees of MAX end Day 3 with a goodbye to the LA Live Convention Center and a flight home or a free evening. For me Wednesday evening was a little different. I was asked to speak at MiniMAX in Santa Monica at the Coloft. I presented on Flash for Mobile without realizing I couldn’t have picked a more fitting topic considering MAX 2010 was all about mobile devices. Originally I was suppose to speak for 15 minutes, but once I got rolling I spoke for just over 30, with the audiences approval to do so. Overall the speaking opportunity was awesome for me and I can’t wait to speak again. Who knows, maybe I will speak at the Boston Flash Platform User Group, which I am now Co-Manager of!

For those that heard my presentation or would like to know more about it I will be posting the slides, code and further information on Scriptplayground very soon (this weekend).

by mkeefe on Oct 29th, 2010

Day 2 at Adobe MAX 2010

Day 2 at Adobe MAX. Started off with another keynote which was a humorous time, though many “tweets” mention it was boring and confusing. I learned one thing Adobe likes to advertise is Business Catalyst, though I think they picked the wrong audience. The various skits are available on You Tube and can be viewed at the following links.

Adobe MAX Commercials
ColdFusion Lawyer
Get wowed!
Nerf Gun

As the keynote came to an end we were greeted by a Google TV executive which after telling us a little about Google TV we learned a FREE Google TV would be given to each Adobe MAX attendee (see update)! Seems the theme of MAX this year was awesome tools and hardware for all.

After the keynote attendees went back to the convention center for various sessions. After a day of learning Adobe threw a kick-ass “MAX Bash” for all attendees and ask anyone at MAX, this was insanity! Live band, Snake lady, food, liquor and yet another opportunity to network with everyone, including Adobe staff.

I actually left early to work on my presentation on Wednesday, read Day 3 for more information on that.

For those who missed it, take a moment to read my recap of Day 0 and Day 1.

by mkeefe on Oct 29th, 2010

Day 1 at Adobe MAX 2010 – Part 2

First thing I am sure you are wondering is, “Where did part 2 of Day 1 go”? Well soon after the sessions I had to leave the convention to work on some client requests, so was unable to attend a few of sessions I had registered for.

Once my work was done I met up with some friends and headed over to the “not so secret” Blackberry Mixer at the Grammy Museum. We were greeted by finger foods, alcohol and tons of time to network with other conference attendees fortunate to get a “Golden Ticket” for this event. About midway through the event Blackberry started having us line up to receive a “parting gift”. In this Blackberry gift bag was a Blackberry Torch and a voucher for a Blackberry Playbook when it comes out next year. Oh and both devices run Flash! :)

Here is a quick shot of the swag up to Day 1.

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