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As you may have read on PixelBit’s blog we recently launched an iPhone/iPad/Android game called Wrangler Rope Your Rewards. While this may have been the first game the PixelBit team developed it was not my personal first. Way back in the early days of AIR mobile I developed Happy Peg for Android using the iOS packager for Flash before it was initially banned by Apple. I was amazed how easy it was to port the web version to mobile in little over 8 hours which included graphics changes. Though it did irk me a bit the file-size was a whopping 8mb.

Not satisfied with this even today i’ve decided to rebuild it using native iOS Objective-c but with a twist. I’m not porting any of the existing code or graphics. I’m using this as a test to see how quick I can design, develop and even add some features to an extremely simple game. The reason behind this is out of pure boredom this weekend and taking a break from wedding planning.

I don’t expect it to be the next Draw Something nor would I really want it to as then i’d have to support and enhance it for all those users. I actually pride myself and my team in staying small, working on niche projects and building awesome results for some pretty amazing brands.

Oh and as a final twist i’ll be releasing the standard version on GitHub for the world to fork and build from. A simple *hat tip* is all I ask if you build something cool!

by mkeefe on Feb 7th, 2011

Blackberry Playbook Development Fun

Once again being a Flash developer has its perks. The latest one being the ease of development on the Blackberry Playbook. I am in the process of porting Happy Peg to the PB operating system and its a breeze. I already wrote a “Getting Started” tutorial and plan to write much more now that i’m getting my hands dirty.

by mkeefe on Nov 10th, 2010

Building Blackberry Playbook apps with AS3

I have just posted a new tutorial on Scriptplayground teaching you how to configure and develop your first Blackberry Playbook app using ActionScript 3.

Look for more tutorials on this and other mobile topics coming soon, along with a whole new Scriptplayground experience, being worked on now! If you’d like to contribute with tutorials or on the site itself please leave a comment.

by mkeefe on Aug 7th, 2009

Learn how to work with PHP in Flex

Recently I wrote a two part series on building a Blog in Flex using PHP for the server-side part. These articles are available in the Flash and Flex Developers Magazine in your local book stores. However I have been informed that part 2 is available for free download (newsletter registration required). Earlier in the year part 1 was available for free, so it may still be on their site, let me know if you find it.

Also be on the watch for a new article in an upcoming issue that teaches you how to build a cool Flash application using Flickr and Yahoo! Pipes. Not exactly sure which issue it will be in, but keep an eye on my twitter page for more details when they are available.

by mkeefe on May 4th, 2009

FITC 2009 Toronto

Thanks to the Flash and Flex Developer Magazine I was able to attend FITC Toronto last week. This was the first time I attended this conference and can without a doubt say I will be going back next year. The sessions are all located close to each other so you can move around and truly create a custom experience, allowing you to learn the most.

Once the sessions are done for the day most attendees of other conferences hang out in small packs, but not at FITC. Every night there is a hosted party at a different venue where you get to meet all the attendees, drink and overall have a great time.

The number of cool people I met is quite long, I have a stack of business cards, phone numbers and all sorts of other material, but there is a small group of people that I must “shout out to”.

That list would be: Chris Allen, Stacey (bitchwhocodes), Jared Ficklin, Adam Bell, Dr. Woohoo, Richard Galvan, R Blank, Philip Kerman, Joanna, Marion, Catherine, Jonathon, Marcey and Samuel Agesilas.

Going back to the conference experience I posted a couple of cell phone photos over on my Flickr photo stream and a video of the Fire installation that Jared Ficklin had at the Mediatemple party.

Next Flash conference on the horizon.. Flash on Tap here in Boston at the end of this month!

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