Well, after seeing numerous blog posts, videos, sessions and conferences devoted to iPhone development it has peeked my interest. So today I installed Xcode on my new MacBook Pro, downloaded the SDK and have started sifting through the documentation.

I haven’t even open an Xcode project because I intend to gather the learning materials and learn it all properly, rather than diving in and getting overwhelmed. This is because Objective C is the “weirdest” language I have set out to program in, especially coming from ActionScript and Java-style languages.

I owe my initial interest to Keith Peters about a month ago as he started to write blog posts on Bit-101 while he was learning everything. Soon after I researched some things, read some articles and gathered a list of books I would need, such as the one shown to the right.

However, once that was completed I got thrown on a project for work and all free time was lost. Now I am starting to gain some of that back and hope to dive in next week.

No plans for commercial development, selling an app or any of that.. this is purely to learn something new, have some fun and most importantly, keep my mind active! Expect more on this topic soon, but fear not, I am still an ActionScript developer by “day”.